Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Binge

Oops! My goal was to blog twice a week, and already it's been 8 days since my last blog. This whole regular, disciplined thing is obviously going to be a challenge!

I'm just coming off a book binge that's lasted more than a month. (Summer is over, and I actually have to get up in the morning and drive the kids to school. Sleep deprived is not a good look for me.) I think I might do a whole blog post on books=alchohol, or even books=heroin, but I suspect that for a lot of people in this corner of the blogosphere you already know exactly what I'm talking about!

Here's a by no means complete list of the better stuff I've read lately (you know it's been a bad binge when you can't even remember what you read last week!)

Mockingbird, Suzanne Collins.       Really good, but oh. Wow.
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson.         Wasn't going to read this, but my husband liked it so much I started it and got hooked. (I could see the rape scene coming and just skipped over it.)
Clockwork Angel.     New one by Cassandra Clare. Similar plot and characters to the Mortal Instruments, but I still enjoyed it and it wasn't too predictable.
The Shadow Thieves, Anne Ursu.     Think I'm going to do a blog post on this one.
Half Brother, by Kenneth Oppel.  Intriguing idea.
I Am Number Four, Pittacus Lore.    Started reading it in a bookstore and had to buy it to find out what happens next. Not jumping up and down good, but fun.
Wintersmith, Terry Pratchett.    A reread. I can always reread Pratchett. Love the Nac Mac Feegles. And Horace the Cheese. Where does he come up with this stuff?
The Adventures of Ook and Gluk, Kung-Fu Cavemen From the Future, Dav Pilkey (I mean, George and Harold).    Not as brain-explodingly funny as The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby, but still, deserves its place on the shelf.
The Book Thief, Markus Zusak.    Read this one for book club, and wouldn't have finished it otherwise, because the style was driving me crazy. But I'm glad I did, because it's a beautiful story. Best last line ever.
Passage, Connie Willis.     A reread, but it's been so long it was like the first time. Loved it. Can't think of a superlative to do it justice.
Thirteenth Child, Patricia C. Wrede.  Great fun, great world.

I know there's more, but I'm blanking out. Oh, well, this gives you enough to go on, doesn't it?


  1. It occurs to me that having said I love YA lit, people might assume everything I talk about is YA. I'd better make it perfectly clear that The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is definitely not appropriate for anyone under the age of, well, 30. It deals with some rather horrific violence. (It's not even appropriate for me, but, like I said, I skipped the worst bits.)

  2. I read the first two chapters of the girl with the dragon tattoo (free kindle preview), and didn't get hooked enough to buy it. I take it then that stuff actually starts to happen, as not much happened in the first couple of chapters.