Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pegasus celebration update

Time has now been changed to 3pm, still on Saturday, Nov. 13.

Location is now confirmed: Aphrodite's Pie Company, Vancouver, 4th and Dunbar.

Date and time are Sat, Nov 13, 1:00pm. I'll let you know when we decide on a coffee shop. (I was going to try for a bookstore to host, but Kidsbooks is too busy in November (have you seen their lineup of visiting authors? Wow.), and I wasn't ambitious enough to go downtown to Chapters.) I suppose I could go to the Park Royal Chapters, but that would be less central. Besides, there's something cosier about a coffee shop.

The more the merrier, though, so even if you're not a Robin McKinley fan, come anyway! (It's okay, we'll try to convert you.)


  1. TRY to convert them? These people need to understand that they WILL be converted. All they have to do is READ A ROBIN MCKINLEY BOOK and they will be converted! There is no escaping it!

    (I would come, but for being on the wrong side of the continent, let alone now needing a passport and not having an uptodate one). (And no, there aren't any other parties happening remotely near me. RELATIVELY near me, but that's not saying much).

  2. Sorry you can't be here, but I'm sure you'll be with us in spirit (especially when I get to the "read these books you'll love them" part!)