Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sequels I'm loading onto my iPod for a long plane ride

There's some sequels I'm really excited about that are finally here, and I happen to be going on a trip tomorrow, so these will definitely make the travelling less miserable!

First up, because I've been waiting so long, the conclusion (oh! please tell me it's the conclusion!) to Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone series. And since it's been so long, I'm going to reread Days of Blood and Starlight first. Soooooo excited!

Didn't have to wait nearly as long for this next one, since I only recently read the first two of Elizabeth Bear's Eternal Sky trilogy. Wow. So original, so epic, so page-turningly brilliant. I can't wait to see what happens to every single one of these amazing characters!

And I only just now finished Jo Walton's Farthing (I picked it up as soon as I finished Among Others) and Farthing was so good I have to read the other two in the Small Change trilogy right away. Classic murder mystery set in an alternate history when Britain made peace with Hitler. Delicious stuff.

And here's a sequel I wish I could put on my iPod right now, but it doesn't come out until Oct 28. At least she finally revealed the release date, and this stunningly gorgeous cover!

I'll be on a bit of a blog hiatus because of the trip. Oh, did I not mention where I was going? Ahem. Tuscany and Provence. For a cycling trip. Yeah, poor me! (I might post a few updates for you if I remember to bring the cord for my camera). See you at the end of May!


  1. Enjoy the trip...enjoy the reading! I have Laini Taylor's, as well. And ya know I am going to go check out the others you have mentioned. Need to start me a new TBR pile!

  2. It's nice that you are so enthusiastic and positive about several books!