Monday, October 19, 2015

Soooo Maaaaaannny Middle Grade Fiction Boooooookkkkkkksss!

This is my second post highlighting some of the many books nominated for the Cybils this year. On Friday I went through the Elementary/Middle-Grade Speculative Fiction list and pulled out a bunch that caught my eye.

Today I'll list a few from the Middle-Grade Fiction nominees (follow the link for the full list):

Title or cover appeals to me:

Books I've heard good things about:

It's Rebecca Stead. Say no more.
They decide to become detectives
after reading Dorothy Sayers
This one sounds hilarious!
Ada Lovelace and Mary Shelly
set up a detective agency!
I've got to read these;
everyone loves the
Such a cool premise:
training wolves to return
to the wild. In Russia.

And the only book on the list I've read:

'It' girl and science nerd become stepsiblings. Very funny. My review here.


  1. So exciting -- a great list of books to look for!

  2. They look quite impressive this way. I'm glad to also be a Round 2 judge as I've only read a dozen of the 80+ nominated. By the time January rolls around the list will be pared down thank goodness.

    1. I, too, am glad I get a pared down list! It's quite overwhelming how many good books there are out there.

  3. That's a beautiful compilation of MG books. I've blogged about a few of these. I loved Listen, Slowly. So gorgeously written. I also enjoyed Goodbye Stranger and My Near-Death Adventures (99% True!) -- and yes, it's hilarious. Oh, and the Penderwicks are always great stories.

    1. I think it was your review of Near Death Adventures I was thinking about!

  4. Looks like a great round up! I'm blown away by the dedication of you Cybils folks, and take my hat off to you!

  5. Another great list. I've only read three of these, so I still have much work to do.