Thursday, April 3, 2014

Updates to blog and another book spine poem

Just spent all day figuring out more things about blogger, so I had to post to point out a few new features (which won't be very exciting to those of you who already knew how to do all these things!):

The background picture is now a photo of my own books. Well, two shelves of them, anyway. (If you stretch your browser window horizontally you can see more of them, but the image just repeats after a while.)

After the applause for that feat dies down, I will send you to check out my new book review indexes, on the handy tabs above: you can now search for books by title, and the Book Reviews by Author tab is now arranged by the authors' last name instead of first. Because I'm that clever.

And as a reward for being patient with my general blogger incompetence: another book spine poem!

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