Tuesday, September 27, 2022

It's Cybils time again!

That time of year when we look back at all the books for young people published in the last 12 months and pick our favourites for The Childrens and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards,.

Nominations open on Oct 1, and you have until Oct 15 to nominate a worthy book in each of ten categories. Anyone can nominate! That means you! If you've made your way to this blog, you probably read at least some YA or kids' lit, so be sure and nominate the ones you think should be considered by the judges.

And once again the Cybils is hosting a book recommendation padlet. You can only officially nominate one book in each category, but if you have more than one favourite, you can add them all here! Here's where to go for a ton of great book recommendations (and where to find books to nominate if you haven't read enough in a category.)

This year I'm excited to be a Round 2 Judge in the Elementary/Middle-Grade Speculative Fiction category. I love getting to know my fellow judges—the Cybils is such a great opportunity to find new books to read and new cool people to talk about books with!

So many ways to participate in the conversation about kids books! I hope to see you and your favourite books out there!