Thursday, February 28, 2013

Vacation reading list, plus why humanity isn't all bad

If I had a Twitter account, here are a few things I'd tweet:

The Kindness Project is a blog I found out about because fellow Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday-er Barbara Watson is a contributor. On days when the news convinces me that humanity is going to destroy itself and good riddance, it's little projects like this that remind me there is every bit as much good in us as evil. Be sure to watch this wonderful video.

And more David Malki love: I sent a few links to some favourite Wondermark comics last week, and here's another one, but did you scroll down and read his blog entries? He's got this amazing concept--the Machine of Death--that has so far created two short story collections and is now being turned into a board game that sounds like the best board game ever: kind of a cross between Balderdash and Clue and Munchkin. This post has a video describing the game, a link to its Kickstarter page, and best of all, links to three stories from the second Machine of Death story collection, This Is How You Die! Such a creative, fun, funny, interesting idea. I love good ideas! And speaking of good ideas, in this post Malki describes his idea for the "dumbest viral video trend possible": Suddenly Streamers. I love this guy's sense of humor. Another reason to have hope for humanity.

Vacation reading: we're going to Mexico for Spring Break. It's only for a week, but I plan to get a lot of reading done. I've been saving a few sequels: Scarlet, sequel to Cinder (I'll probably reread Cinder first, if it will fit in my suitcase. But I have them both in hardcover (they were so beautiful, I had to), so that's kind of heavy.) Froi of the Exiles, sequel to Finnikin of the Rock. The Runaway King, sequel to The False Prince.
I would also like to take along some Octavia Butler, maybe The Parable of the Sower. And there's a (relatively) new Barbara Kingsolver, Flight Behavior, that sounds good. I could catch up on my Flavia de Luce mysteries, because there's a fifth one and I think I've only read the first two.

Have you read any of these? Are they worth their weight in my luggage? Or their cost to buy for my iPod? (since I have one that's so old it can't download the new software required to borrow ebooks from the library) Any other books you think I must bring to Mexico with me?


  1. Kim, I have to say, BEST TITLE *EVER*. And, of course, great blog post as always!

    Thanks for the recommendations and have lots of warm sultry fun in Mexico! :-)

  2. Had forgotten about one of those books (sequel now requested) and didn't know of another. Thank you! (Hope you have a great vacation.)