Friday, December 11, 2015

The possessive pronoun ITS does not have an apostrophe in it. Not anywhere. Not ever.

Excuse me while I use the tiny platform that is my blog to attempt to correct the most egregious* and annoying error on the internet that is becoming almost universal and THERE IS NO REASON FOR IT because IT'S VERY SIMPLE FOLKS:

I have a book. My book is on the table. You wouldn't write my' book or m'y book or 'my book. That would be silly, right? You don't need an apostrophe because my is a possessive pronoun.

John has a book. John's book is on the table. You need an apostrophe because John is a noun and nouns become possessive with 's. 

His book is about mutant zombie unicorns. You wouldn't write hi's book or his' book or h'is book. That would be silly. He's book would be silly, too. Pronouns don't become possessive with 'sHis is the possessive pronoun. It doesn't need an apostrophe.

The Mutant Zombie Unicorn Association published a book.  The Association's book explains why mutant zombie unicorns are misunderstood and should be accorded the same rights as any other unicorn. Association is a noun, and it becomes possessive with 's.  

Its book is full of lies, damned lies and statistics and not a word of it should be believed. You wouldn't write its' book or it's book or i'ts book, because that would be just as silly as writing his' book or he's book. Its is a possessive pronoun. It doesn't need an apostrophe.

It's appalling how willing people are to believe that mutant zombie unicorns are innocent and harmless. It's always means it is. Always. Everytime you put an apostrophe in it's, you must say in your head "it is" and if that doesn't make sense then take the apostrophe out!

Are we clear now?

Okay, rant over. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog.

*I spelled this wrong, and wouldn't have even known it if the red squiggly line hadn't told me.


  1. As a former English teacher, there are sooooo many things that drive me up the wall. This one is definitely on the list. I must say, if I ever wrote a blog post on all the misuses and grammar problems that bug me, it would be a very long post. I like this one.